About Me

Are you a home owner?

Home buyer?

I am just like you...

Why I became an agent… Because mine was so bad!

Way back in 1998, before I became an agent, I hired one to sell my house.

I didn’t know him well, but he seemed nice enough.

And he was dressed OK and had a nice Royal LePage binder.

We listed our house at his suggested price, which we thought was a bit too low.

In just one day we had two offers and WOW, our house was sold... Over asking.

We weren’t feeling too great about that. We thought maybe we should have listed it for more.

We didn't know anyone else so we stuck with him...

He helped us buy new house and two years later he sold that for us too and helped us buy again.

Two sales and two purchases. And a heck of a lot of commissions paid.

But each time, we felt a bit cheated – by what we sold for – and by what we paid.

Over the course of the two years and four transactions we felt

that we weren’t really getting great advice or service.

It seemed like the agent was encouraging us to make decisions based

on what would be the quickest, easiest way for him – not for us.

And that’s when I started talking to my friends about their real estate experiences

and found out almost everyone had pretty much the same experience as me.

That’s when I realized there was an opportunity for someone to

provide really exceptional service in the real estate business.

A premium level of service combined with honest, trustworthy advice.

So 12 years ago I sold my software business and started pursuing my passion for

helping home owners and buyers with one goal in mind...

To provide superior quality service,
property marketing and
customer satisfaction

And I remain focused on this goal to this day.

Superior service

An unmatched property marketing program

Honest, reliable advice

A trustworthy advisor and partner in the real estate market.

Someone you can count on to be looking after your best interests.

If it sounds like we might be a good fit, please get in touch.

I'm happy to help in any way possible.