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  1. Glossary of Housing Terms
    205 pp
    Understand everything your agent, home inspector and contractors are saying.
    Never be left scratching your head again...             
    PDF Free download
  2. Canadian Wood Frame House Contruction
    378 pp
    Everything you ever wanted to know about house construction.
    PDF Free download
  3. Trent-Severn Waterway Shoreline Construction Guidelines
    36 pp
    A guide to docks and other shoreline construction on the Trent.
    PDF Free download
  4. Buying a house with a Well and Septic System - An overview
    10 pp
    Learn about these systems before you make an offer.
    PDF Free download
  5. Understanding Septic Systems
    10 pp
    A guide for homebuyers considering a home with a septic system.
    PDF Free download
  6. 2016 RE/MAX Recreational Property Report
    An overview of the cottage market across Canada
    PDF Free download
  7. Peterborough Housing CMA Q2 2016
    Detailed information on the housing market in Peterborough
    PDF Free Download